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The pattern on this fabric is part of my Doodle Series, and it is beautifully printed with care on high-quality Polysoft using the sublimation process. Polysoft is an excellent choice for skirts, blazers, palazzos and dresses. Not only can it be given as a one-of-a-kind gift or cherished as a personal keepsake, but it can also be framed and transformed into captivating wall decor. The possibilities are endless! Please note that there may be slight variations in colour between the screen and the actual fabric.

Brainy, Polysoft Fabric - 1 meter length, 60" width

SKU: 4
  • Care Instructions

    Washing guidelines

    1. This fabric is machine washable. It is recommended to wash the garment inside-out using cold water
    2. For drying, you can either tumble dry on low heat or choose to line dry. This fabric dries quickly, and you can hang it overnight for effective line drying
    3. Avoid using fabric softener, bleach, or soaking 
    4. The colour of this fabric is resistant to fading, except when exposed to hot water (over 50 degrees Celcius)  or prolonged direct sunlight


    1. This fabric does not require high temperatures for ironing
    2. Set the iron to the lowest temperature to prevent potential damage, such as burning or stiffness.
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