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A Doodle Series
Vol. '20-21

Open-Ended is about creating without overthinking every possible outcome. It is a space to let go, to eliminate creative fear and resistance. There is no structure to follow. Every mark, shape and colour in these doodles were chosen spontaneously. This ongoing series began in early 2020 when I was struggling with creative paralysis. However, I was inspired and “healed” after watching my then 2-year old son paint and scribble on paper freely and effortlessly, his imagination fuelled at random by sheer curiosity and wonder.   


All these doodles were created with Sharpie marker pens on paper which were then digitised. Some pieces were further edited with a mirror reflection for added depth, dimension and narrative.


Through this series, I would like to invite the viewers to look at doodling as more than simply scribbling absent-mindedly. It is a form of release, an instrument to liberate creativity - one that is free from toxic perfectionism.

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