I picked up a pen and began drawing purely as a mean to escape anxiety. All pent-up emotions were journaled through doodles & drawings, it was truly an affordable therapy. But of course, like any other form of escapism, I went in with zero expectations. Little did I know that the more I opened up to expressing myself through pen & paper, the more layers of facade began to disappear, freeing the soul that was long forgotten. Liberated, I moved on.


Today, I seek inspirations from everywhere. I’ve also been experimenting different mediums and techniques in my work ever since; ranging from oil & acrylic painting to fabric printmaking. However, my preferred medium is still pen on paper. I use lines & dots with minimal colours, often monochromatic in most of my work with pen and ink. My works have been showcased both in Malaysia and Singapore.

I do take commissions and are always open for collaborations. Let’s get connected here.

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Email: clarissamaskilone@gmail.com

IG: @zerosleepmama

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/zerosleepmama/